Hospitality of the guests is of paramount importance on any auspicious occasion.Over the years, Pragyaa has grown in stature, both in terms of its content, as well as its infrastructure and logistics. The dream which had humble beginnings has come to become a technical extravaganza, drawing crowds numbering in tens of thousands.

Along with the facilities of accommodation for participants, we arrange a food court where a variety of cuisines satisfying the needs of every palateis available. Pragyaa team strives to make your stay comfortable and see to it that all participants get all the privileges and no chance of any grievances thus setting new standards in hospitality management.

We assure that your stay will be a memorable one. Hope to see you here at the greatest technological extravaganza ever. We will be more than happy to be able to receive your suggestions and queries.




Main Co-ordinator

Abhishek Tadas
+91 8180832639

Joint Co-ordinator

Shashank Lipate
+91 9657698736

Joint Co-ordinator

Vishal Uppin
+91 9405488027

Joint Co-ordinator

Revati Patil
+91 7972079129

Joint Co-ordinator

Kshitija Wankhede
+91 8888720452